Learn the Biggest One of a Kind Secrets to Charging Premiums for Damn Near ANYTHING

The Charge More Money LEGACY Edition is a total of 25 Micro Programs worth Over $24,000 Yet Offered for a More than 90% DISCOUNT Now with a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee

The 25 Progams Provided

Charge More Money 3.0 $1997 Street Price 

The world's only detailed training where you learn how to charge 100% to 3000% more for your products programs and services

Charge More Money LEADS $997 Street Price  

The Latest FREE and PAID Traffic strategies. In 2015 I tested a ton of ad networks and social medias and came to some powerful conclusions

Simple Referral Systems $997 Street Price

You will NEVER see this program offered for sale publicly. This is how I have been able to close easily in my marketplace than anyone else.  

Strategic Partnerships $2997 Street Price (Advanced Edition)

This is a MAJOR SECRET about how I partner with my clients to make a TON of money. I showed my mentor Frank Kern a little known method that pulled me 6 figures within 8 months. 

Authority of ONE (2017) $997 Street Price  

Eliminate 100% of your Competition and become the ONLY Authority in your Marketplace.

LISTONOMICS 2017 3.0 $497 Street Price  

Repeat Revenue Online the EASY way! Build a NETFLIX Membership Empire WITHOUT a website!

Charge More Money 3.0 Coaching Limited Edition $1997 Street Price 

Coaches! Whether you are a Life, Business, or Spiritual Coach Learn the PREMIUM Secrets that separate you immediately from the pack! This by iteself is sold for $1997 but you get a great deal NOW.

Charge More Money 3.0 Educators Limited Edition $1997 Street Price  

Are you a professional Teacher / Educator or Professor in a Elementary, High School, College or Graduate School? You will LOVE this because this will help you earn more money doing what you love. This by itself is sold for $1997 but you get a great deal NOW.

Charge More Money 3.0 Authors Limited Edition $1997 Street Price  

Authors will learn what they can sell at 100x the price of their books and how to set it up! This by itself is sold for $1997 but you get a great deal NOW.

Charge More Money 3.0 Musician Vocalist Edition $997 Street Price 

As a 20 year vet in the Music, Film and Radio biz working for Universal, DreamWorks, MCA and iHeart Radio I am going to show Musicians and Vocalist how to earn Premium top collar as well as repeat income online and off. This by itself is sold for $997 but you get a great deal NOW.

Charge More Money 3.0 Wellness Limited Edition $997 Street Price  

The world's only program that teaches you how to charge more money as a wellness professional. Did you know you could get 300% to 1200% MORE for certain items i.e. based on its freshness and potency? Did you also know that people will pay much more for TRUSTED sources for great medicines and healthy foods? 

BUILD BRAND BEYOND Limited Edition Workshop $497 Street Price 

My Most SUCCESSFUL Workshop Ever! I have 20 years Branding experience and I break down how to STAND OUT from EVERYONE in Your Marketplace and be NOTICED.

QUANTUM Workshop Turn a $10 Product into a $1000 Program in 7 Days $997 Street Price 

Watch me turn a simple $10 program I sold to over 10,000 people years ago into a $1000 valued program in 7 Days

Charge More Money Opera Workshop Edition $497 Street Price 

The world's only detailed training about how to Charge More Money using the very strategies from the $4 BILLION Dollar American Opera Industry

Charge More Money Boutique Coaching Workshop Limited Edition $497 Street Price 

Micro Coaching at its most Elite and finest! Learn how to create Micro Coaching Programs within your own programs. So that clients who want to DEEP DIVE into a subject i.e. Teaching LeadGen for Linkedin but offering a Micro Coaching on Daily LeadGen Strategies for Linkedin Groups

Charge More Money Excusive HEDONIST Workshop Limited Edition $997 Street Price 

A HEDONIST is a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the MOST important thing in life! This is the person who will spend BIG BUCKS for the BEST! And YOU get to learn how they "think" and "Act" so that you can ATTRACT them to your business. 

Charge More Money Velvet Rope Workshop Exclusive Limited Edition $997 Street Price  

This special elite ONE - OF- A -KIND workshop you will learn how to create the #1 Most Powerful Commodity in Las Vegas! EXCUSIVITY in your Business Positioning!

Charge More Money Excusive Vineyard Workshop Limited Edition $997 Street Price 

Over 30 BILLION is sold through California wine vineyards alone! The REAL question is how the wine industry creates a sense of private MEMBERS ONLY Exclusivity. In this workshop will learn things like how to create a exclusive list before they get on the access list like world famous Turley Wine Cellars.

Charge More Money Quick PREMIUM Creation Workshop Limited Edition $297 Street Price  

By Special request Mmy Secret Diamond Group Clients. This s a crash course workshop on how to QUICKLY create a Digital Product (after you have sold it FIRST of course) using some of the most cutting edge technology.

Charge More Money 3.0 Personal Developmnt Edition $1997 Street Price

IF you are training in the Personal Development Space you will LOVE THIS! I designed this for people in that space so you could learn the Psychological Secrets Behind Charging More Money. 

Charge More Money Excusive Math Money Mindset Limited Edition $497 Street Price 

The ONE thing you MUST have in order to prosper is a great MINDSET! Well in this UNIQUE offer I am giving you 3 of my signature programs 100 Minutes of Premium Pricing Confidence, Wake Your Assets Up, and LIFETIME Access to my weekly Premium Pricing Club.

CONTROL More Money $497 Street Price 

I show Affiliate marketers, Network marketers and Multi level marketers how to CONTROL the game vs being CONTOLLED by it. Digital Asset Owenership instead of Digital Sharecropping.

Charge More Money Excusive DIAMOND Workshop Limited Edition $297 Street Price 

The Learn How the global $75 Billion Diamond Market secretly controls their positioning with "Limited" Quanitity. And how you can do the same in your business marketplace.

SELL FIRST BUILD LATER $997 Street Price  

The world's only program CHALLENGING the product creation industry by training you to Sell your products, programs and services FIRST and BUILD Later! We have been doing this since post WWII. Money First Building Later

Charge More Money 3.0 ARBITRATION Edition $997 Street Price 

What if you provide products programs and services outsourced or created by someone else? Do you know how to price them at premiums? Well you can now. This by iteself is sold for $997 but you get a great deal NOW.

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I have a 30 year marketing history working for such iconic music and film companies as Universal, DreamWorks, Motown, Verve, Interscope, DefJam, MCA, iHeart Media. 

And through UMG (UMVD) in Chicago I formerly marketed albums for artist like Eminem, Jay Z, Nelly Furtado, The Roots, Mary J Blige, Limp Bizkit and 200 of the biggest artists in rap, rock, pop, soul and jazz. 

I also marketed over 6 billion dollars in films including the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Fast and Furious and Shrek series as well as Academy Award winning Erin Brockovich.

In 2005 I launched my online business from a FEMA paid for hotel while running from hurricane Katrina. 

And since then I have sold products, programs and services across 100 plus countries. Today I help small businesses MONETIZE STAND OUT and MARKET themselves in highly competitive marketplaces.

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